A minimalistic deck of playing cards featuring a three-dimensional optical illusion formed by curved stripes.

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STRIPE features a simplistic design with substance - taking full advantage of the playing card back. The subtle interplay between stripes and illusory circles allows for constant interpretation, and is what continues to keep the STRIPE deck fresh and new.

Thicker borders have always been a preference of ours. A clear visual division between every packet makes the movements more distinct - and movement is what cardistry is all about.

We chose to make STRIPE resemble a deck of standard poker playing cards. We see cardistry as the ability to push an everyday object to its creative and visual limits, so maintaining the relatability is important to us.

We've always dreamt about reflecting our passion for cardistry through a unique deck of playing cards - and this is what STRIPE is.


If you order a brick or more you will receive exclusive early access to four premium tutorials teaching some of our best card flourishes. 

Tailormade, Albatross, Swiss Knife, and Ventrilo have been kept underground since they were first showcased in our 2014 performance video 'Wheels Within Wheels'. They have since become our most sought-after cuts and are now finally being offered to the community.

The four tutorials will be produced and delivered to your provided email address within two months after the STRIPE pre-order campaign is over.


Art of Play is one of the biggest playing card distributors in the world with years of experience in fulfillment and shipping of playing cards. They will be handling all orders and make sure you receive your decks.

All orders will be shipped from Art of Play's headquarters in San Diego, USA.

You will receive an email when the cards have been shipped. You can follow the process through our social media accounts (@dealersgrip on Instagram, Facebook and Youtube).


The United States Playing Card Company is the largest and greatest playing card manufacturer in the world. They will be manufacturing the STRIPE deck using linen finish, ensuring the best quality available.

Through this STRIPE pre-order campaign we will be exclusively offering 2500 STRIPE decks, which is the minimum order at the USPCC. If we do not collect enough funds, all orders will be refunded.